Jai Paul

Jai Paul – BTSTU

BTSTU was played on Huw Stephen’s show on XFM today. I first heard about Jai Paul from a friend who works in the music industry and is constantly around new music. He was amazingly enthusiastic about how much hype Jai Paul was going to get in 2011 and I don’t think he’s wrong. The track BTSTU, the first I’ve heard of Jai Paul’s, has put that pleasing ethereal like sound quality to the harsh nature of the vocals and the overall beat and as heard in many glitch-hop tracks, is heavily influenced by the works of J Dilla. It has even been mentioned that the vocals resemble an early Hot Chip. Despite the hype, BTSTU is refreshingly original and I will definitely be following his progress this year.

Jai Paul definitely has something of quality here and I look forward to a what seems is going to be a highly anticipated album.