Hudson Mohawke

Hudson Mohawke is a name I hadn’t really heard of until a friend recommended him and Mike Slott (with whom he has collaborated on a few projects) to me on his tumblr and after listening to his MySpace I don’t think I can even use my brain for simple calculus anymore. His tracks are hard to pidgeonhole and quite rightly so. The use of blippy, cut-up old school 80s and 90s beats, vocal incisions and FX sound like I’ve stepped into a multicoloured Transformer/Tron hybrid movie and it’s the bit where the bad guy is winning. The tracks “ZoooO0oO0m”, “Fruit Touch” and “Still On It” exude this to the maximum with the latter tracks touching back to the roots of 90s RnB and vintage jazz. The soft clap and spacey melody to the track “FUSE” transports you to another world, intriguing you to explore further. You don’t even know if you can dance to it but it makes you think you are so cool that you jerk your body to whatever consistent beat you can find in his music. That’s what makes it all the more appealing, apart from the fact that Mohawke is so young and so affluent and precise in the structure of his beats, the won’t-make-sense of it all has you listening from the beginning to the very end and leaves you drooling for more like Pavlov’s dogs.

This is the neuveau shit that is surprisingly hard to pin down.