Com Truise

Idiosyncratic Synth

I was missing synth terribly ever since I was introduced to Dorian Concept’s ever jerky Trilingual Dance Experience. I heard it flitted about here and there and I must admit I’d forgotten about it for a while but after doing one of my weekly YouTube surfs (in my spare time of course…) I stumbled upon Com Truise. Silly name but it affirmed synth never really left my heart.

Pseudonym of producer and digital artist Seth Haley, Com Truises’ music is arguably the definition of nostalgia with dreamy, dancey synth hits and strong-step analogue beats. It ultimately transports you into a world full of cassette tapes, serious KO’s, RPG’s and level ups but at a more mature and distinct perspective which is communicated through the high quality and precision of production.

3D Virtual Reality glasses at the ready!