Fool’s Gold – Surprise Hotel (Micachu and the Shapes Remix)

Err, what am I hearing? Doth mine ears deceive me? Micachu and the Shapes have checked into this Surprise Hotel, breaking the bed, throwing the TV out of the window, leaving their shit… Continue reading

tUnE-yArDs – Bizness

“I’m the bizness yeah (don’t take my life away, don’t take my life away)” I don’t think there are any words to describe the sheer talent of New England based musician MERRILL GARBUS… Continue reading

Lapalux – Strangling You With The Cord

A bassline to die for? Check. Sound effects even Alien would be jealous of? Check. Does it emulate the sound of a slow, cold-blooded murder? Check. Does it have the title name to… Continue reading

Black Dice – Smiling Off

I wouldn’t be surprised if you checked yourself into a home after listening to this. Damn do these guys have mass amounts of creative control. Scary.

Solange – Losing You

Now normally I’m not into all this contemptable puff they pass off as music nowadays, but there’s one music (not-so) secret I’ve always stuck to regarding Beyonce Knowles. I do, genuinely, like her. So, almost by… Continue reading

Deradoorian – Grey Teeth

This song is so good at being perfect that it makes even Mary Poppins look like Margaret Thatcher.  It’s haunting, piercing and just downright wonderful; clearly Brooklyn-based and Dirty Projectors songstress Angel Deradoorian (this is her… Continue reading

Inc – The Place

Now this is what I’m talking about. ‘Inc’, two ridiculously talented brothers from L.A, have brought me all out in hot flushes with this track from their upcoming debut album. The album is… Continue reading

Big Black Delta – Huggin and Kissin

From another time and dimension comes Big Black Delta with this industrial belter, Kissin and Huggin. Pounding it’s way into your head and giving you the best sound experience one, this track is some… Continue reading

Moheak Radio

This radio station is simply “duh bomb”. Like that episode where Kenan and Kel decided to throw that party in the store they worked in. They put up balloons and got a DJ… Continue reading

Bloc Weekend comes down

Baselogic Productions went into administration yesterday after their popular electronic festival, Bloc Weekend, was shut down in the early hours of Saturday July 7, just before headliner Snoop Dogg was due to perform.… Continue reading