Labyrinth Ear

Your track “Amber” is a constant on my music playlist, it’s very ethereal and powerful. How would you describe your overall sound?
Our overall sound we could say is experimental, as that’s all we do. But it’s probably not “Experimental”…

What feeling would you say your music evokes in someone listening for the first time?
All of our songs have differing moods and emotions in them. We hope that people can connect to them in anyway. Lyrically sometimes they may be misleading. We don’t tend to write love songs etc. but we can see someone in love may connect to a song of ours that’s say about murder, but we think that that’ fine.

How did Labyrinth Ear come to fruition?
It was an idea that started small and grew. It could easily not have happened, neither of us had planned to be musicians. We met many times at gigs and club nights through mutual friends, started hanging out together a few years after that, then a few years after that decided to form Labyrinth Ear. We were both disillusioned with the paths we were previously taking and Labyrinth ear was a welcome distraction and rescue from that.

How do you feel about recent coined sub-genres such “post-chillwave” or “nu gaze”? Do you feel you belong to any?

We’re not too concerned with them. I guess we are whatever people say we are, we’re not sure what we are. We’re always interested in how others say describe us. All I can say is genres have a sell by date. Each of our songs to us is a new project and a new direction, we’ve never set out to do or be anything or anyone.

What is your writing process like?

Very hard to explain, there’s no set formula. We work very well together, we can be honest with each other. We share our inspirations, share the projects and ideas we’ve started with each other to create a whole piece together. We both produce and then merge where is right. We both take it in turns to keep our finger on the pulse for each other.

You’ve done remixes for artists such as Local Natives and Alex Winston, do you have any artists/musicians you’d like to collaborate with?
I can think of a couple of people, but those are pipe dreams. Collaborations are something we haven’t done before. Labyrinth Ear is an outlet for both of us, listening to others ideas would be a strange and new experience, it could be amazing, but I don’t know if we’d be good at a collab. We can be fairly shy and therefore may find it hard to put our self into a song around others.
We also have obscure interests, probably that very few others share, so I think few would probably want to work with us because of this, but we don’t mind. But maybe one day I would like to collaborate, I guess it would always come down to the person and the project idea.

What/who are you inspired by?

Each project, each song is from a new inspiration. The only thing coherent is that each inspiration differs greatly from the last.
Some of the following have inspired the songs from the new EP: Politics, Buddhism, People, Animals, Philosophy, Art.

What can we expect from Labyrinth Ear in 2012?
You can expect our new EP Apparitions released on the 7th of Feb, and much much more. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx