It was during one of my YouTube binges that I stumbled across Giraffage aka San Francisco beatmaster Charlie Yin.

Ethereal, sensual synths and a slight hip-hop poppy twinge with soft vocals brings anyone who hears this into a state of pure calm. The dreamy element to the effects on his tracks give a divine and grown up tone to the songs. His other tracks have a kind of wet beat to them with mobile phone tones and beeps from the 90s to capture your attention. It makes for incredible easy listening that you just “get” from the moment you press play.

This is real early morning dew, eyes-be-closed kind of stuff. Here is an interview I conducted with him.

Your music overall has a very nostalgic, dreamy feel to it and is described on your Facebook as “dreampop”. Was this the intention in the composition
of your songs?
Dreams definitely play a huge influence in my songs. I try to capture the hazy/confusing feelings that dreams invoke in my songs.
How did you come up with the name Giraffage?
There was this huge graffiti that I always passed by that said Giraffe Ages. I kind of meshed those two words together to form Giraffage, it rolled off the tongue so why not. Also giraffes are rad.
Where or from whom do you get your inspiration?
As mentioned earlier, definitely dreams. Also, experiences that I have in my daily life. Girls, weather, nature, etc.
What equipment do you use/instruments do you play?
I use a bunch of MIDI controllers/analog synths to make my music. I also recently got a turntable so I’ve been sampling records that I find at thrift stores. When I play live, I usually use the Akai MPD32, but I’m looking to expand on that and incorporate more things like synths and whatnot.
Describe your live shows musically and visually.
I’ve only played one live show so far, and there were no visuals. But if I could, I’d have 70s softcore pornography looping on a backdrop behind me while I play my songs. Musically, I try to change up the compositions so they’re pretty different from the album versions. And then on top of that I add copious amounts of glitch/effects using my MIDI controllers.
What have you been listening to lately?
Missy Elliott, Teebs and The Beach Boys.
If you could spend a day anywhere in the world, where would it be and
Tokyo, Japan. Definitely one of my favorite places I’ve been to, it’s like stepping into the future. Really beautiful buildings and design too.
Your debut LP “Comfort” was released late in Nov 2011. What can we
expect from Giraffage in 2012?
Hoping to play more shows, and definitely going to be making a lot of new music. Should be a crazy year!