Hello! I’m Alex.

Here are 10 random facts about me:

1. I can be found at any given time with my head in the clouds.

2. Alternative, unsettled and downright weird music floats my boat. Having said that, I also like 70’s soul, 80’s pop and 90’s rap.

3. I am Keyser Söze.

4. I had a weekly column called Song of the Week on a lovely online music website called Musika for 6 months. http://www.musika.uk.com/author/alexandra-s/

5. My greatest feat was finishing the book Moby Dick.

6. My look changes like a distressed pirate on a windy day.

7. I like single malt, dusty bottled whiskey and will happily sip a 25ml measure for an hour or so.

8. Quantum physics and Astronomy make me happy.

9. Tim and Eric are my husbands.

10. And finally ladies and gentlemen…Nicolas Cage loses his shit.