Woman’s Hour

Woman’s Hour – Darkest Place

I know what you’re thinking; post The XX four-piece posse Women’s Hour, are filled with the same stuff as the Mercury Music Prize-winning moody youth-sters. But no. Something in front woman Fiona Janes’ vocals, be it the Northern accent-tinged (the band are originally from Kendal) earthy tone to her voice or the clear maturity in the lyrics, make you stop in your tracks. The band’s new track Darkest Place, out on Luv Luv Luv Records, uses a soft 90’s electronica beat to evoke sincerity and an unsung innocence and inexperience, despite the topic of the song being about loss. It makes a welcome break from the heaviness of house beats and raucous-causing noise of modern rock. The remix is well-worth a listen too.