Andrew Ashong + Theo Parrish – Flowers

Theo Parrish has one of the best ears for house music – filling his Detroit label, Sound Signature, with intelligently aware artists (Specter and Omar S to be exact); honing their skills and turning their magic into something a little more tangible. It’s no wonder, then, that he’s provided us with Ghanaian-British musician Andrew Ashong. It’s Parrishs’ way of letting us know that the house jazz band has arrived, they’re bringing the tuba and it’s going to be one hell of a special evening. Flowers is an incredibly stylish output with a decent rolling rack tom beat with a clumsy bassline that warrants more than a few hints and nods to jazz and blues. Ashong suggests there’s something more going on here than just the mere copy and paste of 70’s neo-soul vocals. The sample is not only from his own lips, it has a poetic melancholy air that could break even the most hardened of hearts.