Dabrye – Magic Says

Magic Says is the slyly hidden offering on Tad Mullinex, aka Dabrye‘s 2004 EP “Game Over“. The Ann Arbor native has been developing his inventive sound with long-term (and clearly creatively supportive) label Ghostly International since 2000, and has come a long way since his IDM days. (Check out the superb Divided By Lines ) There’s a visual description that comes into my questionable imagintation upon hearing Magic Says for the first time: against the crackle of a dusty old hip hop record walks an obese man chewing on cotton wool and constantly spitting tobacco into a tin pan. The hot dub beat on this track is fairly secure until I get lifted up into the clouds for a moment or two and taken to a place where deep bass lives or reggae is prevalent. It’s a nod to Mullinex’s love of these genres that come across in the track; a piece of intstrumental bliss that fits nice and snug onto the EP.