Young Fathers – Deadline

Young Fathers


What’s annoying about Young Fathers is that they know how to adapt. So much so, that just as they were surprising us with their Scot-rap goodness, they managed to slither away mercilessly only to come back more refined, defined and strangely but intrugingly abstruse than before. These guys impressed me with their charmingly synchronised, boppy dance moves and light-hearted hip hop beats when I went to see them live years ago but now it’s like I hardly recognise them. They’ve come back dirtier than a three-year-old and a box of Crayola paints. And it all sounds really, really good. It’s like the moment Christina Aguila-willa-era (or whatever) turned from bubble faced, Genie-loving teen to galavanting, butt-less trouser wearing, harlequin in the early 2000’s. Ally, Kayus and G certainly have set the bar higher than before and I’ll be more than happy to limbo under it…