Fatima – Red Light


Is it an Erykah?! Is it an India?! Why no, it’s Fatima! And look, she is bringing with her a straw basket filled with a deep soulful energy bars and minimal techno cakes to sell at the musical market. She’s here to stay and fill our dreams with articulated passion and an indisputable individuality. Listening to her wonderful track, Red Light, brings me back to a phase I went through at University where I would listen to nothing but 90’s soul and 70’s funk until I was red in the face from trying my hardest to warble along to the likes of Stevie Wonder and Erykah Badu (I was an incomparably odd child). Fatima is signed to the indie label Eglo Records co-run by creative and experimental beat masters Floating Points and eclectic mogul Alexander Nut. Check out more from her at http://mindtravellin.blogspot.co.uk/