Jamie Lidell – Multiply

Remember back in the day when things were just, you know, simple? I remember. Kids were playing Pokemon and Magic the Gathering, hipsters actually danced in clubs and, more importantly, there was no such thing as Jessie J. Ahh those were the days. I’m surprised that I didn’t discover Jamie Lidell much sooner than 2005 when Multiply came out but the day I heard his beyond soulful, bluesy voice (and got over the fact that I was listening to a tall, handsome white guy), I was enraptured and I still am 2 gigs and 3 hastily bought albums later. This song is easy-going and calm yet fervent in emotion and steeped in good old N’Orleans vibes. This very moment I beseech you to take exactly 3 glorious minutes and 0.16 lovely seconds out of whatever you’re doing and just take it easy like the good old days, eh?