Solange – Losing You

Now normally I’m not into all this contemptable puff they pass off as music nowadays, but there’s one music (not-so) secret I’ve always stuck to regarding Beyonce Knowles. I do, genuinely, like her. So, almost by proxy, her sister Solange has taken me aback through an admirable route; travelling into the good old fashioned roots of Americana in a stylish video. She’s done well in effectuating this lovely little attention magnet. And you know what? I like her style. It’s a light and joyous tune with an overwhelming tropical edge and a subtle sense of thoughtfulness that bring the sorrowful lyrics about breaking up with one’s lover to light, hence, Losing You. Solanges’ voice is pitched in at a tone that almost brings a tear to thine eye. Lovely for wallowing in post-summer blues.