Moheak Radio

This radio station is simply “duh bomb”. Like that episode where Kenan and Kel decided to throw that party in the store they worked in. They put up balloons and got a DJ and knew it was going to be the best damned party in the whole of Chicago. It’s a bit like that. I think I’ve been listening to a really old version of Moheak on my tablet because the hosts always say it’s the wrong day but I don’t care because the amount of nostalgia and obscure rock, new wave and experimental music that features on this wonder of a station, is beyond my capacity for cool. A little bit about it: Moheak is an L.A based radio station which mainly features full spectrum (vintage to modern) Indie music. It’s a creative hub that is hosted by cool characters; musicians and music writers who appreciate times when guitar riffs weren’t made on a computer and songs had better lyrics. They just keep playing hit after hit. I need a pen and paper just to keep up with the amount of songs they play that I want on my playlist.

Although I haven’t listened to anywhere near all of the shows on Moheak, my favourite is the New Wave Sock Hop with Holly Miela whose cute voice and ironic hipster quips have me listening in with eagerness.